Sovereignty, Surrender, and the Happy Medium in Spellcasting

When you’re wreaked with havoc and doubt and you are experiencing catastrophe, a common saying is to “let Jesus take the wheel.” Close your eyes, and surrender the situation to God, having perfect faith that he will help you through it. This POPS your ego which would not be helpful as it is filled with stress and strife, and it allows your crown chakra to align with Holy Power, pure wise conscious light siphoned from Heavens. Putting your own personal power, or giving it up, to God, often works very well, as long as you trust Them, which is probably a moot point if you are doing it. The universe will make room for your prayers, hopes, and wishes within this tribulation and things will usually fall into place.

On the other hand, some people for their own reasons doubt the Forces that Be, perhaps viewing the universe as a random event generator, cruelly ambivalent to human needs and desires. Of course, this clashes with my own spiritual views, but like any perspective, it has some validity. Sometimes the most potent course of action is to take power into your own hands. This is channeling the Kaballah from up to down, summoning the white light of Kether and the rest of the Sephirots to your physical experience, Malkuth. This energetic transference can be symbolized by the inverted cross associated with Baphomet and Satanism, in which the focal point of the operation is in the animalistic nature of the man, not his Higher Self or God. However it is not devilish or nefarious in any sense. It’s merely using the powers imbued in you in order to make a change, decided by your will and yours alone, in the machinations of the Universe. To do a spell, however many complicated steps or materials it calls for (I am not prone to following such spellwork, mine is more fast and blunt), is simply to desire, visualize, intend, spark it (say the magickal words, light the candle, or stick the final nail into the voodoo dolls coffin, etc), believe that it is in progress (this is essential), and see or sense it come alive and become manifest. Witchcraft has infinite variations and is completely up to the individual creativity of the practitioner. They become their own god for the time being, the Universe opens up for them and their ordinances, as they dance with chance and fate.

Then you have the in between, where you are not completely independent and autonomous, nor are you investing all your auric energy to the Divine Will of the Creator. In these situations, you may have a particular deity that you work with, and although you are considered lower than them, it is a relationship with give and take on both ends. You summon them or invite them into your circle, you leave an offering as a token of respect and appreciation, whether it’s incence, a crystal, tea…you converse about what needs to be done on the Astral planes to meet your goal, and you work together. These are the best kinds of partnerships. To work with an ancient deity teaches you so much. They are sometimes critical with you in order to help you grow. Other times they show you extraordinary visions and unlock hidden parts of your mind. It is not like the movies, where salt is imperative, and the entity must be forcibly banished or they will try to haunt and possess you (not that this can’t be the case with certain demons- always have caution). These entities can be in several places at once, it’s all about multitasking with their consciousness which is easy, so it’s not a big deal to call upon them when you need help. You will feel their unique energy, perhaps smell a certain scent that emanates off their astral body, or hear their voice in your head. It is almost always an extremely rewarding experience and enhances spellwork a lot.