The Tantric Dance of Messing Up

Perfection is not rigid. Some say it does not exist, but that is because they have the definition of: flawless, impeccable, impossibly good. Real, honest, Goddess perfection sometimes is taking a nose-dive into a rabbit hole in which you’re not even welcome (not in Kansas anymore, babycakes). And letting yourself be at the mercy of luck, your own quick wit, and people who may or may not want to kill you. And you may step on some toes and you may be threatened by some executioners. But this journey has only taught you an array of skills and characteristics you didn’t know you had, because your soul only got the opportunity to show them in these precarious situations. Having an adventure gone wrong sometimes turns you from a frail, naieve little thing, to a fierce, wise, unfuckwithable fully fledged Witch whose wings are fully grown and out.

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