Best Ways To Keep Busy During Covid

  1. Study a new language! Use Duolingo, Rosetta stone, or other apps to absorb the words and linguistics of a country or culture you’re interested in.
  2. Learn a new instrument. Before it is too late for these stores to be open, buy a guitar or a keyboard or a banjo and hole yourself in your room watching YouTube tutorials.
  3. Introspect. I mean, you’re alone in your house, hopefully with family and friends, but much of that time will be spent in your bedroom. It is the ideal opportunity to take a good hard look in the mirror, to appreciate your good qualities and see if there is any you’d want to work on.
  4. Write a journal! Keeping a daily log of events helps you to have insight into how your emotions impact your actions, and behavior patterns; you will gain a lot of psychological clarity. Also it will improve your memory; everything you write down will be reinforced by your brain so make sure you also write about happy exciting days. Journaling is cathartic for bad days too, when you spill your guts through ink it has the therapeutic value of telling people and relieves the emotional burden. If you enjoy writing about your life, maybe compose a memoir about an intense period of growth or havoc in your life.
  5. Keep friends close despite the physical distance. If you don’t have enough people to talk to, you can even visit sites like Tumblr or omegle to find people with common interests to gain new acquaintances and pen pals.
  6. Make money from home by being creative! Learn a new trade skill or craft and sell things online to supplement your income. Maybe you have an old pair of jeans that no longer fit and if you patch up the holes and bedazzle them they’ll go up in monetary value. Maybe you have an untapped passion for painting and with all the free time on your hands you can better home your talents and sell things. There is a website called Fiverr that allows you to advertise different gigs, most categories of which are creative, writing and marketing.
  7. Foster a pet! Since you’re home more anyway your schedule is more flexible to take care of a new animal. Play with them as often as you can and you’re enhancing their life while they enhance yours by socializing them and preparing them for interacting with humans and perhaps other pets so they will have higher odds of getting adopted. And you could always keep the furbaby if you fall in love.
  8. Expand your horizons. Every day, read at least a chapter of a book, fiction or nonfiction. Research a topic that piques your interest that you know little about. Get music recommendations and listen to a new artist or band every day. Watch classic and foreign films. Don’t be afraid to ask people questions when you’re curious about something they say. Always keep learning.
  9. In moments of stillness and quiet, and whenever you get the opportunity (could be when you are busy too), seek to become closer to God or your higher power. To know them better and be on a higher frequency. If you are atheist seek a deeper understanding and more harmonious relationship with yourself. Honor your inner power, your intuition, and follow your deepest desires.
  10. Make a vision board. Creating a poster or bulletin board with a collage of words and images about the ideal life and self you want to achieve in Divine Time will help you manifest it, especially if you look at it with a bright, positive attitude of believing/knowing you’re on the path to getting there every day. The Law of Attraction is supremely powerful.

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