How to Meet your True Self

Humans are too often ruled by their ego, fears, and base instincts. We have both the animalistic mind known as the Id which causes us to desire the necessities for our survival and continuation as a species (hunger, lust, anger when provoked); and the Superego which was thought to be good and very morally proper and keeps the person in control,. However the superego has its flaws too. You can use so much logic that it overrides your intuition and instincts. You can worry for hours and give yourself panic attacks. The desire for perfection, in someone with a very strong superego, is an emotionally exhausting and never ending race. But if we time down the “beastly” qualities, and the often irrational stressed out never satisfied boss telling us what to do, we can become happier and healthier, finding true balance.

Many people go to CBT or DBT therapy to battle self imposed unhealthy coping mechanisms or habits that seem great but end up hurting you. It also challenges delusional pathologies.

However, the spiritual solution of the issues imbedded in the human brain is much deeper and more effective. It only requires faith and meditation. And to maintain it, lots of shadow work.

The ritual to fully embody your soul rather than your ego:

  1. Stare unflinchingly into the mirror. Try to blink as little as possible until your face morphs and looks a bit unreal. I have done this before and seen myself become a pretty Asian girl (I’m white), a skull, and many other embodiments which I believe could be my past life selves. But allowing yourself to deeply meditate on your mirror image can awaken your soul or teach you buried truths about yourself, some of which might be frightening. You just look deeply into your eyes and say “[my name], show me who I am.” Then if you sink deep into the meditation you will likely get visions and glimpses of your astral body, soul, and places of your inner world that you are residing at in different dimensions. You will also get a deeper sense of self knowledge.
  2. Try the phenomena discovered in the 20th century called Automatic Writing. Usually people do this to channel spirits, but put the intention out to speak from your subconscious mind. If you’re good at switching between mental states at will, you can ask your Deep self questions as you go along. Otherwise your ego will fade from your consciousness as you humbly let your Spirit take over full control over your hand and inscribe whatever wisdom that is vital to your life. You usually know if it works if you never predict what is being said until the word appears on the paper, and the handwriting changes into “somebody else’s.” This is because you’re essentially dissociating into a completely different mind frame, that is ruled by souls, not egos.
  3. Lay down or run a warm bath and put on meditation music. Let yourself go into a trance state. Pray/wish/intend/spell to meet your higher self. Unlock the door to your soul space which might literally require opening a mental door and step into the mystical land of your soul. It could be the inside of a house, it could be a beach or forest, it can be a black void, it can even be somewhere so alien looking that you don’t recognize it. Have complete faith and patience that you will meet your higher self/guardian angel (some people say they are one in the same although this might be disputed). You might see someone identical to you. And it’s equally likely you see an entity with non hominid features, or someone out of a fantasy book with wings and many eyes. It could also just look like a whispy ghost. But you will recognize deep in your heart that you are connecting with your Inner Self. You will feel joy. Ask them as many questions as you wish. Since this Aspect of your soul likely exists in another dimension they might not have all day to talk, but they will definitely give you great guidance and a newfound self of self uncorrupted by projections from loved ones or society, or pride or fear, or identity crises.

Good luck!! I will edit this to make it better and add more rituals.

I also recommend you check out Teal Swan’s video: The Connection Process (How to Connect with Yourself). It is the source behind the first ritual, but in this video she is much more informative and instructs you to go very deep inside your many layers to discover yourself. She is ingenious and very enlightened.

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