Your third eye is beginning to open just enough for your soul to squint out of your body. You’re on a confusing path with no known destination. People are being cruel to you for no reason, but you aren’t breaking; it’s making you stronger. You have the desire to isolate and the urge to go mad.

Sometimes these conditions of energetic upheaval manifests a furry psychically gifted companion into your life.

Other times it is just happens when it’s the only time you can meet them, because otherwise they’ll be found by someone else, and the universe arranged the fate of your partnership.

I personally got my familiar as a surprise Christmas present. She was a foster kitten, and only about 7 weeks old. She was very tiny, but very energetic. I remember almost crying from joy, petting her and playing with her, and then her falling asleep in my lap.

when I had my initial spiritual awakening, I had an extremely vivid dream (potent feeling dreams that feel even realer than reality are often truly taking place on the astral plane) of her sleeping. But i felt her completely like I WAS her, even though I was still me watching her.

then I had another dream that a pitch black entity entered my room from the window, which was one of the most intense experiences of my life. We were making out passionately on my couch. But since I was a virgin and Protected, my cat used laser eye powers to get rid of him before he could go inside me. It is true that they are the gatekeepers if the underworld, because that Entity most certainly hailed from there, and with her Cat Powers she sent him back to his realm.

Then in 2016 I got partially demon possessed, and she still did not abandon me even with the darker soul sharing my body. In fact she hung out with me more because I had lost my friends and needed the company. Sometimes I’d telepathize to her. I’d ask a question and say “blink if the answer is yes.” I don’t know if she actually heard me in her head or she did it coincidentally but the answers were pretty accurate.

Then my psychic abilities got stronger over the next two years, and I was able to telepathize with her. In the astral realm and beyond there is no limitations to conscious communication, so you can have a thought in your own language and it translates to theirs I believe. I think I told her “I love you” or “hi” (I don’t remember what I said though and she said clear as day in my head in a voice that I’ve never heard since it was a little girls voice but was undeniably hers “i are a princess” which completely reflects how we treat her in the household (she is very loved and spoiled), and her high position amongst my soul tribe. I telepathized a few times with her after that. She helped me think differently when I desperately needed guidance. She is my favorite being.

Comment about your familiar, whether cat, dog, horse, bird, rabbit, etc. and what they have done for you on the spiritual realm or in the astral plane or simply emotionally as healers. And how you met!!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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